Thursday, April 16, 2015

 week 40

Hit the 9 Month Mark

How are you? Did you get the vitamins?
I´m doing good.  I did buy vitamins... they are 25 cents each.  They work a little bit, but I am still tired.  I have been sleeping at night. I am fine.  Don´t worry.  We just work hard. We are all tired.

Have you done anything new and exciting this week?
My investigator is giving birth right now.  (By the end of his email, she had a baby boy)

How is the teaching going? What have you been teaching?
Teaching is good.  We have been teaching the same things as always. For one lesson, we watched How Rare a Possession.  J´s mom said that when she is baptized, (but not yet.  She isn´t ready yet) she wants to be baptized in a river, not a font. I will try to come back to their baptism

How are things in the branch? Are you teaching?
The branch is good.  We are trying to get a leadership put together.  So I haven´t had to teach much.  More administrative stuff.  The attendance is still 50 or 60 every week.

What is the best thing from this week?
I hit 9 months in the mission this week.  I like the friends that I have made, like J.

My First Dr Pepper

The dp costs 69 cents per can.  I drank it nice and slow!

How are things going with the area? Do you know it all well or do you need a map still? 
Things are going fine.  I know where to go.  There isn´t excitement really.  We have District Meetings tomorrow and meetings with the branch presidency.  We wanted to take investigators to the temple, but that fell through.

 Is the house finished that you helped build?
Not even close.  We went and helped with that same house today. It just takes a long time. I would like for it to be finished before I leave Aguadulce.

When does the rainy season start back?
It should have started last week. Trees and plants are green, the grass is dead.

A member's pet

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