Thursday, April 9, 2015

week 39

General Conference

How was your Easter? Did you have any Easter celebration?
It was good.  They didn´t really do Easter around here.  I did go buy some candy to eat.  That was a good idea.  I got Hersheys that has peanuts and toffee in it. 

Tell me about watching conference. Where did you go? What was your favorite talk? 
We got to stay in Aguadulce.  The Latins watched in Spanish in the chapel and  Elder Dastrup and I were in the clerk's office watching in English. I liked the talk by Elder Holland that had the story about the rock climbing.  It made me think of Nathan.  We listened to all of it in English, even the Spanish speakers.

Has there been anything exciting this week?
We helped build a house this morning.  There were professionals there, so we just did the menial tasks to make their lives easier.  I carried the cinderblocks from the stacks to the guy that was laying them. It was a standard cinderblock house.  It was a member of our ward.  It is 11 blocks wide and 35 long.  It is pretty big. They keep their houses plain and simple here, outside and inside.

Have you eaten anything new? What is your favorite thing to eat?
Not really.  We eat a lot of rice still.
My favorite is Patacones.  It is a platano that is fried, then smashed, then fried again.  Think of it as Latin french fries.

Have you cooked? 
I cook egg sandwiches for when we don´t get fed here.  Does that count?
What is the hardest part of a mission?
I have to say the constantness of being tired.  We work 7 days a week.  We get basically 8 hours of break per week. 

What about p-day?
Well, We did our working this morning so the afternoon is playing. I play soccer and If they need me, I play basketball, but normally, I just help Elder Dastrup warm up. I don't play when it gets too intense.

How is J?Juan is good.  He is just a little tired that he can´t really participate in anything because he isn´t a member.  He wants to give talks and do the sacrament, but he can´t.  His mom went to one session of GC.  We will see how this goes.

Have a good week and Hi to everyone!

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