Friday, April 3, 2015

week 38

Another Week in Panama

How are you feeling? 
I´m doing good. I am just a little tired.  We walk a lot and will keep walking.  I have had a little trouble sleeping at night, but it is getting better.  I should be ok.

Do you have plans for Easter?
I will watch General Conference and then go to dinner with Hermana T.  Nothing too special.

Where will you go to watch conference?
Well, that depénds.  If I can find us a laptop, We will stay here in Aguadulce.  If I can´t, We go to Chitre.  President said Dastrup and I can watch it in English. Here, it will be translated to Spanish, so we have to watch it somewhere else. But we get to watch it in our own language.

How are things going with your investigators? 
Things are going ok.  The guy that needs to get married is ok.  His wife doesn't like us and the church because he wants to change and she believes that we are responsible. She listens to people that say bad things about us.  We are going over there today to talk.  It might be a little hard.  J. is good, but his mom is still against him getting baptized.

Have you been to any new areas? I got a printout of your mission that has all the districts drawn out. Aquadulce is pretty large. Do you cover all the area north of the Panamerican? 
I go way in land... Technically.  We can´t work in all of it because it is a red zone.  We do not go to the area that is not safe. There have had 6 "incidents" way back there in 5 days.  I was not close to them at all. The missionaries are told to stay away from trouble. :)

Tell me about the families of your housemates. 
Elder D. is from a smallish family in Arizona.  It is just him, his parents, and 2 sisters.  They are all church members.
My Comp, Elder M. is from a large family from Mexico.  Him, parents (unfortunately passed away),  and 6 siblings. They are all members of the church.
I am not entirely sure about Elder A's family.  But they are all Mormon.

What have you learned since you have been there?
I am learning humility and patience.

Tell me something fun or happy.
Well, here... McDonalds is considered a nice dinner.  (haha)  so we went there after district conference and ate.  They have double sized big macs for $6 each.  Elder O. bought 24 of those for the zone.  It was happy because I got free food!

Here are some good videos you should also watch:  Because He Lives, Because of Him and He is the Gift. They are on

Have a good week!

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