Friday, April 24, 2015

week 41

A Trip to the Zoo

How is the girl that had the baby? 
They are both home from the hospital and doing well.  His name is Jorge.

What will you do for zone conference coming up next week? 
We might go to the city because they want us to watch a movie as a mission.  I should get my mail.  I got some the other day from the first of March.

Are you taking those expensive vitamins? 
I have been. I feel good.  A little sleepy tired, but nothing else. I am feeling better.  Maybe when I move I can find some cheaper.

I know that you might transfer next week, , but do you know anything about Mother's Day calls yet? 
My web cam is in my bag in case there isn't a camera wherever I am.  I think I will get to call Sunday afternoon and then have my regular p day on Monday. I will let you know next week. I am looking forward to it.

What has happened this week? Anything new or exciting?
Well we went to a zoo today and with all of the exotic animals, I saw a white tail deer.... very exotic.  :-)  Really it was mostly stuff you can find here in Central America.  There were lots of birds, a jaguar, some frogs, a snake, and stuff like that. It was good.  We had fun, until it rained . We also dug a hole the other day.

It is monsoon season in Newnan. Has the rain started in AD? Tell me about it.
It rained once. It rained pretty hard and then was humid the rest of the day. It rained a lot and the streets were flooded then, but after, it went away pretty quickly.

How are things going in your area?
Everything is good in AD.  J and his mom are doing good.  The mom told us that WHEN (not if) she gets baptized she wants to be baptized in a river. The woman that is a member that hasn't been coming much, came to church, too. We have been working with her and teaching them.

What are you studying? 
I have been reading the old testament.  I am in Proverbs.  Also.  In the BoM I am in 1 Nephi  21.

Time to go. Talk to you next week!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

 week 40

Hit the 9 Month Mark

How are you? Did you get the vitamins?
I´m doing good.  I did buy vitamins... they are 25 cents each.  They work a little bit, but I am still tired.  I have been sleeping at night. I am fine.  Don´t worry.  We just work hard. We are all tired.

Have you done anything new and exciting this week?
My investigator is giving birth right now.  (By the end of his email, she had a baby boy)

How is the teaching going? What have you been teaching?
Teaching is good.  We have been teaching the same things as always. For one lesson, we watched How Rare a Possession.  J´s mom said that when she is baptized, (but not yet.  She isn´t ready yet) she wants to be baptized in a river, not a font. I will try to come back to their baptism

How are things in the branch? Are you teaching?
The branch is good.  We are trying to get a leadership put together.  So I haven´t had to teach much.  More administrative stuff.  The attendance is still 50 or 60 every week.

What is the best thing from this week?
I hit 9 months in the mission this week.  I like the friends that I have made, like J.

My First Dr Pepper

The dp costs 69 cents per can.  I drank it nice and slow!

How are things going with the area? Do you know it all well or do you need a map still? 
Things are going fine.  I know where to go.  There isn´t excitement really.  We have District Meetings tomorrow and meetings with the branch presidency.  We wanted to take investigators to the temple, but that fell through.

 Is the house finished that you helped build?
Not even close.  We went and helped with that same house today. It just takes a long time. I would like for it to be finished before I leave Aguadulce.

When does the rainy season start back?
It should have started last week. Trees and plants are green, the grass is dead.

A member's pet

Thursday, April 9, 2015

week 39

General Conference

How was your Easter? Did you have any Easter celebration?
It was good.  They didn´t really do Easter around here.  I did go buy some candy to eat.  That was a good idea.  I got Hersheys that has peanuts and toffee in it. 

Tell me about watching conference. Where did you go? What was your favorite talk? 
We got to stay in Aguadulce.  The Latins watched in Spanish in the chapel and  Elder Dastrup and I were in the clerk's office watching in English. I liked the talk by Elder Holland that had the story about the rock climbing.  It made me think of Nathan.  We listened to all of it in English, even the Spanish speakers.

Has there been anything exciting this week?
We helped build a house this morning.  There were professionals there, so we just did the menial tasks to make their lives easier.  I carried the cinderblocks from the stacks to the guy that was laying them. It was a standard cinderblock house.  It was a member of our ward.  It is 11 blocks wide and 35 long.  It is pretty big. They keep their houses plain and simple here, outside and inside.

Have you eaten anything new? What is your favorite thing to eat?
Not really.  We eat a lot of rice still.
My favorite is Patacones.  It is a platano that is fried, then smashed, then fried again.  Think of it as Latin french fries.

Have you cooked? 
I cook egg sandwiches for when we don´t get fed here.  Does that count?
What is the hardest part of a mission?
I have to say the constantness of being tired.  We work 7 days a week.  We get basically 8 hours of break per week. 

What about p-day?
Well, We did our working this morning so the afternoon is playing. I play soccer and If they need me, I play basketball, but normally, I just help Elder Dastrup warm up. I don't play when it gets too intense.

How is J?Juan is good.  He is just a little tired that he can´t really participate in anything because he isn´t a member.  He wants to give talks and do the sacrament, but he can´t.  His mom went to one session of GC.  We will see how this goes.

Have a good week and Hi to everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2015

week 38

Another Week in Panama

How are you feeling? 
I´m doing good. I am just a little tired.  We walk a lot and will keep walking.  I have had a little trouble sleeping at night, but it is getting better.  I should be ok.

Do you have plans for Easter?
I will watch General Conference and then go to dinner with Hermana T.  Nothing too special.

Where will you go to watch conference?
Well, that depĂ©nds.  If I can find us a laptop, We will stay here in Aguadulce.  If I can´t, We go to Chitre.  President said Dastrup and I can watch it in English. Here, it will be translated to Spanish, so we have to watch it somewhere else. But we get to watch it in our own language.

How are things going with your investigators? 
Things are going ok.  The guy that needs to get married is ok.  His wife doesn't like us and the church because he wants to change and she believes that we are responsible. She listens to people that say bad things about us.  We are going over there today to talk.  It might be a little hard.  J. is good, but his mom is still against him getting baptized.

Have you been to any new areas? I got a printout of your mission that has all the districts drawn out. Aquadulce is pretty large. Do you cover all the area north of the Panamerican? 
I go way in land... Technically.  We can´t work in all of it because it is a red zone.  We do not go to the area that is not safe. There have had 6 "incidents" way back there in 5 days.  I was not close to them at all. The missionaries are told to stay away from trouble. :)

Tell me about the families of your housemates. 
Elder D. is from a smallish family in Arizona.  It is just him, his parents, and 2 sisters.  They are all church members.
My Comp, Elder M. is from a large family from Mexico.  Him, parents (unfortunately passed away),  and 6 siblings. They are all members of the church.
I am not entirely sure about Elder A's family.  But they are all Mormon.

What have you learned since you have been there?
I am learning humility and patience.

Tell me something fun or happy.
Well, here... McDonalds is considered a nice dinner.  (haha)  so we went there after district conference and ate.  They have double sized big macs for $6 each.  Elder O. bought 24 of those for the zone.  It was happy because I got free food!

Here are some good videos you should also watch:  Because He Lives, Because of Him and He is the Gift. They are on

Have a good week!