Friday, March 27, 2015

week 37

No Change

How did changes go? Where are you? and who is your comp? 
I am still exactly the same.  So is the rest of my house.  A few people in the zone left so we got some new people here. Elder T from the MTC is in our zone now.

What has been fun this week?
We went on divisions with the ZLs.  They are both going home this change so for part of the night, we just hung out.  That was just 10 minutes of relaxing and talking. We don't do that often.

What did you learn this week?
I learned that things don´t always go as planned.

How are your contacts doing?
 Good.  We got a call from an investigators wife. He wants to get baptized, but they aren't actually legally married, They are something called 'United.' They need to be legally married before he can get baptized since they live together. We will see what happens because she is our 4 o'clock appointment today.

Missionaries are all different and have different strengths. What are your strengths?
I am good at finding personal examples to help the investigators see that everyone faces challenges. I like the people. We are still working hard. We walk a lot and we have to think a lot.

Is there anything you need?
not really.  Just updates about home every week

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