Friday, March 20, 2015

week 36

Still Working

What has been fun this week?
Well, we went today and played basketball for a couple hours.  I am pretty bad, but it is kind of fun trying to play against a D1 basketball player.  

Did J get baptized? 
J did not get baptized ...  His parents wouldn´t give us permission because they had a bad experience with an inactive... It is amazing the influence people have on those around them. He really wanted to be baptized, maybe someday he will be.

What have you learned this week?
I learned that without the missionaries, Aguadulce would struggle.  We do a lot for the ward here. This week, we brought the bread, did the sacrament, I gave a talk, Elders M and A taught Gospel Principles, and then I taught Elders Quorum. Elder D. plays the piano.

How many miles do you walk in a day?
I think we walk about 8 miles a day. If we are in the other area (Elders D and A) it is mostly paved streets.  If it is our area, it is mostly dirt roads.
I am not good about wearing sunscreen, but on P day I wear a hat and sunglasses.  I only get burnt on P day.  not in Proselyting clothes.  There is very little shade because there aren´t many trees.

Changes are coming this week. do you have any expectations?
We think that I will have another change here.  I would like to stay, but I don´t know for sure. I like it here. The area it is flat and easy to walk.  I would also miss Hna T. She is the one that lives behind us and feeds us a lot.  The people here are really nice, except when the branch president has given me 4 talks in my time here. :-P 
I gave Hma T the cd and she really liked it.

What is the best part of being a missionary?The food.  Jk.  I like that I can make friends with really random people. Le´s just go and say this change has been great.  Apparently, we are leading the mission in numbers and everything, those "miracles" that the missionaries always talk about. We work really hard and teach a lot. We feel it.

That is a juice that I bought here.  It is cantaloupe?  It was pretty good.  I also like pineapple here.  It is sweet, not acidic.

I´m not sure what to call this, but it is hanging up in a members house.The man's dad made it when he was younger.

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