Friday, March 13, 2015

week 35

8 Months

How are you feeling? With no car, how are your feet? 
My feet are good.  The only problem I am having is blisters, but I can live with that.  Well, that and being sore.  We walk a lot here.  I miss my car.

Who were the people that got baptized after church, that you sent a picture?
They are the Family D.  The parents are members, but don't come too much. Their son is 9 so he was our baptism.  We met with them and the next week he wanted to be baptized so we got everything ready.

Tell me something funny/fun that happened this week.
something funny.  I guess we are not supposed to speak English here. Elder D and I are the only two gringos. My comp doesn't even want me speaking English with Elder D. When anyone else, including our comps, are around, we speak Spanish.  But before Elder D or I say anything in English we wait for them go to the other room and shut the door so we speak English.  The other day we were walking to a dinner appointment and someone came up to me and tried to talk to me in English.  There are not many gringos around, so people aren't sure about me.  She asked me to speak a bit so I did. She looked at me and then she walked away.

Tell me about the building you meet in for church. I think you said it is a house, tell me about it and where you meet.
It is actually 2 small houses.  One is the Chapel, Sunday School, Youth, Bishopric, Priesthood, and Relief Society building and the other is the Primary building.  I am usually in the Priesthood building, but if they need me, I can go to the other one and help with Primary.

Where is your apartment in relation to the Panamerica highway? Is it a quiet area or is there lots going on? Tell me what goes on around you.
I can see the Panamerica Highway from my house.  It is usually quiet here, but they are building a mall about 2 minutes from our house.  And we have a party house behind us.  It was bad during Carnivals, but it is ok now. They just like to have loud, big parties.

Tell me the best thing from this week.
We have another baptism on Friday.  It is J.  I told you about him. I´m doing good.  Just a little tired.  I didn´t really sleep Friday or Saturday.  We left for the temple at 2:00 Saturday morning.  It was hard to sleep in an uncomfortable bus.  I didn´t have room in my bag for a camera. A lot of people were going so the elders all had their own stuff

There has not been any rain in Aguadulce since I came here. It is always hot here. 

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