Thursday, March 5, 2015

week 34

Still Working

The Mission blog had pictures this week. THANK YOU for looking at Sis Carmack's camera! Who are the elders with you? 
Yes.  The other gringo is a new kid.  And all the Latins are in my zone.  The one sitting across from me is Elder Mora.

How was this week?
It was good.  We have appointments for this week with a lot of the contacts from our busy day..

Tell me about your beach trip with the youth. Did J. get to know the other youth? Is it like our beach? .
J. had fun.   We played baseball.  The water was way out when we went. There are not really any waves and it doesn't smell like saltwater, more like a city. There are not that many shells, just enough for hermit crabs.  There is sand and pálm trees.

How are your baptism plans?

We had a baptism after church. J. will get baptized in 2 weeks.  We have some others that will come to church. This is a family I helped teach. 

Well, tell me something fun.
We went and bought mola ties yesterday.  I will get them next month
We went to Colon.   Colon is Elder Mora´s old area. It is 45 min from  the city We were going to visit someone who is in the hospital.  

This is the hammock I had for 3 days. We went to Colon.  We got home, it wasn´t there anymore. When I get another one I will have to keep it inside. 

Time to go, I'll talk to you next week! Have a good week!

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