Friday, February 27, 2015

week 33

Working Hard!

What have you done this week?
Well, we went to David for a conference with Elder Kevin Duncan.  He is the Area President. He is from the states. We went and he greeted each of us individually. The ZLs had training with Elder Duncan on one day, then we all had training on the 19th. It was fun, but I didn´t get to email last week because of it.  In our training, I learned that apparently, I am one of the most blessed elders in the mission because of how many less actives that we have in our area.  :-)

Have you done any fun p-day activities?
Not this week.  We might go to the canal next week.
Also, on Saturday we have a youth activity.  Our investigator is a youth.  They want him to go.  He won´t go if we don´t go.  Therefore, I am going to the beach!  We don't get to swim or anything, but if I don´t go above my knees, I can walk around in the water. It will make me think of Slingshot, too. (Slingshot is my brother's place at the beach in NC where we all love to go)

How is the work with Elder Mora?
We have a lot of investigators.  We also have 10 baptism dates scheduled.

We work really hard, and I always come home tired at the end of the day.
We contacted about 100 people in one day and that is 4 times more than president has asked. He wrote a thing in the mission email about our day. It was cool.  We had worked really hard though.  He came and talked to us yesterday.

This was in the letter from President Carmack : Quiero compartir un notable éxito en contactar. El Élder Mora y el Élder Broadhead en Aguadulce hace pocos días fueron a dos calles que no habían visitado antes. En un solo día hicieron 103 contactos y consiguieron 59 investigadores nuevos. Además, pusieron 10 fechas bautismales. Estoy convencido de que los ángeles entraron antes de ellos para prepara la vía, porque el Señor confiaba que ellos seguirían la voz del Espíritu en hacer esos contactos. Sí, lo podemos hacer.
I want to share a remarkable success to contact. Mora Elder and Elder Broadhead in Aguadulce few days ago were two streets that had not visited before. In one day they made 103 contacts and got 59 new investigators. They put 10 baptismal dates. I am convinced that the angels came before them to prepare the way for the Lord hoped that they would follow the spirit's voice in making such contacts. Yes we do.

What do you do at church?
Lately, I have been helping in the Primary. (the 3-11 year olds)  We have one total primary group.  There aren´t divisions.  I don´t teach.  I just have to sit there as another adult.  There are about 15 kids.  It all runs together with lessons and singing time. Church is the normal structure.  Primary isn´t. We had 57 at Sacrament Meeting this week. (regular Church Service) We just need to hit 80 consistently and we can have  a real chapel.

What did you do or see of Carnival?
The inside of my house. I was forbidden to leave the house except for dinner with the woman that lives behind us. Just my zone was told to stay in. Probably because a huge Carnival celebration is in our area. For fun we took a picture and sent it to the ZLs during Carnival telling them that we had a baptism. It was really just a photo of me in my baptism clothes and Mora in the jumpsuit.  Elder Mora works hard and is fun. He is from Mexico and we have a lot of stuff in common. He likes to watch movies.  He says he can play sports, but he is terrible at all of them.

Tell everyone hi for me!

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