Thursday, February 12, 2015

week 31

A New Comp

Tell me about your new companion.
My new comp is Elder Mora.  That translates to Elder Blackberry.  He is from Mexico.  He does not speak English and he has been out for 10 months. 
We have a lot of fun working now.

What kinds of changes happened in your district?

Well.  I still live with everyone and I still have Pocri.  Mora and I are with the Penonome District now.  The Zone Leaders are the leaders of the Hermanas in Las Tablas now.  For new people, we have Mora as a new one in the zone. Our District Leader, Elder Alvagardo is new here and Hermana Gomez is training. Dastrup is still DL in the same area where he was, Chitre.

What have you been teaching this week?
We basically started over.  We are teaching some of the same people and we have 7 baptism dates.

What kind of animals are around? 
There are lots of wild dogs and birds.  The birds are not usually flashy and colorful.  They are just there.  There are lizards.  Mostly, there are wild dogs.  We see some jungle areas, but not much.

Did anything interesting happen this week?
We put 7 baptism dates. Three are the K. family.  It is the dad and his 2 sons.  J. is 43, Jo. is 22, and J. JR is 17.  Jo. and J. JR. like to play baseball so we went to one of their games to visit them. Yep.  It was fun.  They wanted me to play, but I was in my proselyting clothes.

Time to go, Thanks for everyone's support!

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