Friday, February 6, 2015

week 30

End of a Transfer

What have you done exciting this week?

We have almost committed 3 people to baptism.  We also went and played basketball everyday and I didn`t die.  Changes are coming this week. Elder R is going home, so I will be getting a new companion. I hope I get a good one. I am doing good.  I am fine.  I just am tired and I have to get up for early morning seminary in the morning. Romero will leave at 3 in the morning tomorrow, and Dastrup and Alejandre are the Seminary teachers so I have to go. While I don't have a companion, I will just hang out with Dastrup and Alejandre

Have you eaten/done anything new?
I have eaten what appeared to be enchiladas but in stead of tortillas, it was lasagna noodles.  It was good, but a little strange.

What have you learned from Elder R? or anyone else?
I learned that when you are about to leave for home, you should work all the way to the end. From Dastrup, I have started learning how to play basketball

What is the best thing about Panama?
The fruits and certain others.  Here, we have papaya, mango, fresh bananas, Plantano (only because of patacones) and the pineapple here is sweet, not acidic 

How is your Spanish?
good.  I can talk to everyone and I started thinking in the language.  I tried to translate something to English one day and it made my head hurt. I have given talks at church. I had 2 talks in one month.

Tell me more about where you work 
It is a huge area. It is mostly fields with not many trees. We have no ac, and no hot water.  That`s ok though.  We wouldn`t use the hot water. A cold shower feels good. I work in Pocri, above the Panamerica Highway. The park has a bandstand gazebo kind of thing. That is the Park in the middle of Pocri. There is a chino that we go to a lot right next door to the park. And there is a big church. That is the Catholic church, also in a different park of Pocri. There are some run down buildings, and some beautiful ones. I try to see the beautiful ones.

Pictures from the trip to the waterfall...

Tie Burning on Bump Day
A big fire for just 2 ties
Who knew Panama had Pine Trees!

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