Saturday, January 31, 2015

week 29

After the Falls

I can´t see what I´m writing so this will be interesting. I am on a different computer than I am used to.  Also it is auto-correcting to Spanish. We are sharing a computer and we are late today, so it won't be much.

What are/were p-day activities today?
We went to a river and a waterfall.  Yes.  I took pictures.  The bad thing is I don´t think I will have time to send them this week.  I will try to send them if I have time, if not, next week. The waterfall was nice.  The water was really cold. It wasn´t very tall.  I don´t know the name.  Maybe El Chorro.  And it was really expensive to get into the falls area.  I also finally got my Panama soccer shirts this week.

 What are the big plans for this week? 
 We are just getting ready to send Elder Romero away. It is time for him to go home. I am not sure exactly what will happen. Romero will go to the city on Tuesday.  It shouldn´t affect Monday P-Day at all.  But, if you don´t hear from me, don´t worry.  I may have to go to the city if I am going to train a new missionary.  It depends on what president tells me.  If so, I would go to Panama City on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  Then I would come back to Aguadulce on Wednesday. 
Consejos are this week on the 30th. Hopefully I will get my stuff you sent then. Only the ZLs have consejos.  They go to Panama.  Then they come back to Chitre and report what was taught. I talked to Gonzales about the machetes. He should send them to me. Hopefully I will get my hammock this week, too.

Tell me about the branch? 
They branch is pretty small. It is mostly older couples, but there is a reasonably sized primary (ages 3-12) here.  There are a lot of recent new members, mostly the older couples.  There are also a lot of young converts.

How is your area?
Elder Romero is the District Leader that is over the area that is all hermanas, Las Tablas. That is about an hour and a half away from us. Elder Dastrup is over the other District.
We don´t work together.  We just have meals and service together  Our área is one side of the highway and Dastrup has the other side.  Santiago is it´s own district and  so is Penonome. It is the Panamerican highway.  If you search Aguadulce.  It is the huge road. My side says Pocri.  

How is the teaching? 
It is all good.    We are just trying to teach.  We have mostly just started over.  We dropped a lot of people, so we are teaching  the basics. A lot of people like what we teach, they just don´t want to leave the traditions of their families. Everything will be good.

Did everyone recover from the machete episode?
 Dastrup and I are fine.  She is fine too.  We all think the experience is funny now. 

time to go. Hello to everyone! 

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