Friday, January 23, 2015

week 28

Happy Birthday!

What did you do for your birthday?
Did you like the package. I know there were not any real presents, butit was full of love! 
We didn`t really do much because we had a service that morning and I didn`t tell people that it was my birthday.  Some of the youth knew and the Assistants knew.  Elder D told Hna T. right before we got to dinner.  The Assistants called and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish and English.  We had a normal dinner.  That was about it.
I liked the package a lot.  Some of the cards were really funny.  I got one from Mama Denney with a dancing pickle.  I got 2 or 3 from a lot of people and about 6 from you and Dad.  Dastrup thought it was funny when he saw the card from the Barlows. Adelyn drew on the front and inside of the card so he thought it was funny.  I did get my Christmas package from Amber.  She sent Qwerkle.  Everyone here loves qwerkle, so we play it a lot.

What did you do last week? Did you have interviews?
We climbed a mountain.  I guess that was my MLK day off. There is a valley in Penonome with a place called La India dormida.  It was a biggish hill.  It was fairly easy for me, but for some of the others it was like climbing Mt Everest.  The mountain was really rocky and a little steep in places, but more like a big hill.  Everything is much better now. Except when I almost died....
So, we had a service project and we were cutting grass.  But cutting grass here is a little different.  We use machetes.  So one of the youth asked if she could try cutting grass.  Well, she was cutting grass and on her back swing, she let go of machete... The machete went spinning.  The handle hit my friend (Elder D) in the face and the blade passed within 3 inches of my leg.  We are both ok though. No one else saw it happen, just her, me and Elder D.  She flipped out and ran away. She is 19 so we thought that it was safe. We are okay, we just got a little freaked out. We try to be careful.

Tell me something about the kids there. What do they do for fun?
They play futbol in my area.  Some do have electronics and stuff, but most don`t.  If they do have electronics, it is the older systems and always the futbol games.  They usually play outside.  In this area some of them get to play baseball, but only if they have money.  Baseball equipment here is way more expensive than soccer equipment.
How is the dry season?windy and hot

Time to go, talk to you next week!

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