Sunday, January 18, 2015

week 27

Bump Day and a loss 

I don't have a lot to report this week. Andrew's Papaw passed away and the Mission President had him skype home so we could talk with him. He loved Papaw very much and he is having a bit of a rough time, but a blessing is that there was an unexpected transfer on Thursday before, and one of his friends from the MTC came to live in the same house. Andrew got a lot of comfort from having a friend (English speaking) to help him through. He is strong and knows Papaw is happy with his work.
This week was Andrew's 6 month mark, his "Bump Day." 

What are you doing today?
President will call me in a little while to check on how I am doing.  I will probably go to the city this week.  I think I am required to have an interview with him since Papaw died and I called my family. Having Elder Dastrup here really helped. He has recently been through something like this and I appreciated that he understood and could help.Description:

How are things going for you?
We have been teaching a lot and we give a lot of blessings.  I told Romero that I will give the blessings to the Hermanas from the states, but he should do the blessings for the others.  We are trying to set a baptism date for a sister, but we can´t right now. We are teaching the children of an investigator.  They think that it is awesome that I know about baseball.  They like talking about Carlos Gonzalez (CF for the Rockies, not our friend Carlos) and Jason Heyward. Description:
I am having fun.  I do everything I am supposed to.  Except get a hair cut.  (When we skyped I told him his hair was long.) I may do that tomorrow.  We went to the beach this morning. I didn’t know we were going straight there and I did not have my camera, so no pictures. It was different. It was low tide, so the water was way out after about 30 minutes.  We played soccer and went for a walk.  There were not any palm trees there.   There were not any people on the beach. And no waves! The water was just there.

Have you tried any new food?
I have eaten rice with wondoo.  I´m not sure if I spelled that right.  It is the peas I was shelling earlier.  I don't really know what kind of peas they are. They don´t taste very good.

How many miles do you walk each day?
I think that we walk about 8 miles a day.  It may be more, but I´m not sure. I am getting used to it. The heat is just normal now. The  humidity is terrible.  My clothes don´t every actually dry. My towel gets mostly dry because I hang it up.

Did you burn a tie for your Bump Day on Thursday?
I did burn the purple tie. I chose it because there was a big stain that I couldn´t get out. It was the only one with a big stain on it.  You get rid of the ugly one or the one that you can´t use because of stains. They sell ties here for $2 in a store in Albrook called El Costo if I need more, anyway.

Do you have any hot water yet? or just cold?
It is always cold showers and hot drinking water. It gets a little chilly at night, but apart from that it is always just hot and humid.

Is your house a single "family" or apartments? or duplex?
Ok.  So there is the missionary side and the small family side of our whole house.  The one side is always missionaries.  The other is rented out with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom that is the living room area.  There are 2 bedrooms on our side as well. They are not members of the church, but they respect us and always give us food and want us to hang out with them, but not to preach.

Time to go, Tell everyone hi.

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