Friday, January 9, 2015

week 26

Happy New Year!

How are you liking your new area? 
I like the area.  It is just really big.  There is more grass and trees here than what you see in typical pictures of the coast of Panama. The people here are really nice and there are some families that are scared with us walking at night and pay for taxis and give us lots of food.  The people here always want to speak English with me because I am the first gringo assigned here in 2 or 3 years.  

Did you try the fruit from last week? I think  that it is probably a prickly pear fruit. How was it?
I did not try the fruit.  It is sitting in our fridge and no one has touched it. We aren't sure if it is good.

What service have you done this week?
We cleaned peas.  I was a lot faster at it than Romero.  I got through twice as many in the same amount of time. Thanks Granny for teaching me to shell peas. Cleaning the peas was kind of nice because people came by and asked her who was helping her. She told them who we were, so we got some referrals

Oh, I just remembered that it was New Year's this week. How do they
celebrate there? 
 We had another huge celebration meal and lots of fireworks.  We had some, but not many.  I used $10 of my Christmas money to buy some.  (I think fireworks must be much cheaper there!)

This is everyone´s fireworks.  

The 10 blue boxes are mine and also one of the bags of triangles. We stayed up for midnight, but I was asleep by 1:00 because we had used all the fireworks.

Is your foot all better? are you in your shoes?
Yes, my foot is way better.  I played soccer last week and it didn´t hurt.  So I wear shoes now.  I feel normal again.

What lessons have you been teaching and who have you been teaching?
We have been teaching lots of Word of Wisdom.  And also we have a family with the name C.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation a little and the next time we will teach them more and then Gospel of Christ. We are also teaching a girl named A.  She is 17.  She wants to get baptized, but her parents and grandparents won´t let her.  She is in school right now.   She is a typical teenager, she likes to play soccer.

What have you done for p-day? 
We washed clothes.  Lopez and Alej are in Colon right now.  Lopez leaves for Panama on Tuesday and Guatemala on Thursday.  He has been here 2 years and it is time for him to go home to Guatemala. We don´t know who is coming to replace him.  We will be a threesome for about a week.  He is just in Colon saying bye to some of his friends and converts.  

So, one last time...What is your congregation? the Chitre Branch or the Aguadulce Branch? And you said you live in the Aguadulce District, is that mission district or Panama District (like a city or state), because you also have mentioned the Chitre District.
OK.  My church congregation is the Aguadulce Branch.  It is not in a stake.  It is in a District.  The district is the Chitre district.  The Mission Zone is located in Chitre. 
As for political;  My Zone covers 4 provinces of Panama.Description:

Chillin' with Elder Romero
 I am the tallest by far in my district. They even cut my head off. haha

The hammock belongs to Lopez.I can nap in it. I am going to buy one.

I do not eat as much chicken and rice any more. In this area, we eat lots of oranges and papaya.  I do not eat coconut. I don't like coconut.

People have been telling me that they are keeping me in their prayers. I am thankful for lots of support. I am doing well and I know it is because of all the prayers and support of my family and friends. Please keep them coming. I love it here, and I love what I am doing.

Happy New Year! and talk to you next week! 

The view from my house

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