Wednesday, December 31, 2014

week 25


It sounds like you are in a more rural area. What is it like? What kind of work do the people do? With the big flat area, do they have farms? or just open countryside?
The area around here is much poorer. I live in an area called the Providencia.  It is like a big subdivision. Aguadulce is a lot less complicated than Arraijan. The houses  are pretty close together.  The town is just really far away.  And our area is far, too. It is flat and grassy like going to Granny and Papaw's house. Lots of people work in the segoro.  That is the cheap doctor’s office.  It is for people without insurance.  There is some farming and a lot of soccer and baseball fields.

How often do you go to the city and why do you go?
I go to the city to go to the temple and migracciones.  Elder Gonzales still has my machetes and I should get them when I go to the city in January.

Does your area have a mall? or chain stores or just the chinos like
your last area? 
There are lots of chinos.  There isn´t a mall until Chitre and that mall is really small.

What do you like about you comp? and your housemates?
They are very relaxed.  The days are less stressful here.  Maybe because we are not in the city, but everything is much more laid back.  It isn´t rushing everywhere. They all just mess with each other. I said hi to their families on Christmas.  They thought it was funny when you said "Hola."  They thought it was good that you tried.  I don't know much about their families, I wasn´t paying attention when they talked to them.  Elder Alejandre bought cards and while others were talking, we were playing.

Are there any local sayings or slang? 
¿Qué xopa, loco? ¿Qué lo qué, frend?  I can´t think of more.  That is just two ways of saying what´s up?

How do you find people in your new area?
We walk down the street and talk.  We also walk to random houses and start talking to people.

I´m doing good.  I am wearing my running shoes today because they are more forgiving.  The toe is better.  We will see how it is after soccer today. Then it is back to regular shoes.

Our house. I have the top bunk.  My feet hang off a little bit, but not much

And a piece of fruit from a tree on the side of the road, I don't know what it is called.

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