Saturday, December 27, 2014

week 24


Now that you have been in your area a whole week, tell me more about it. You
mentioned  Aguadulce, Panonome, and Chirtre, They are far apart on the
map. Explain more.
My area is the Aguadulce.District.  We have  a small Branch (very small congregation) and we are working to get a chapel.  We need 100 people in attendance every week for 6 months to get one.  This past week we had 45. The church rents a house that we use as a chapel. My branch is nice.  We just aren´t many.  My district is 3 gringos and 3 latins.  Elder Romero and I are the only Elders.  
Penonome is about an hour away.  It is not part of our area.  I just said Penonome for a reference point.  Chitre is the Mission Zone and the District presidency is in Chitre.  Chitre is also about an hour from my area. Our area is really big and really flat.  There are lots of papaya and coconut trees.  Lots of monte.  We don’t randomly pick fruit off the trees, but a sister gave us papaya.  It was good.  I don´t know how far it is to get to the beach.  I haven´t been there, ever. 

Do they feed you in your new area?
Yes.  We have one person feeding us 4 days a week. She lives right behind us. She does not have children, so she adopted the missionaries.  We also usually have lunch and dinner the other day.  The food is pretty much the same.  A lot of rice and chicken.

Tell me about your comp/housemates. What do they like? what do you do
at night? to relax?
Elder Romero, my companion, is from Argentina.  He likes to play soccer and sing.  Elder Lopez is from Guatamala.  He likes to play soccer.  Elder Alejandre is from Mexico.  He likes to play soccer.  We like to play Uno at night.. THey are from families of church members..  They get emails from home. Elders Romero and Lopez go home in February.

Do they like to work hard?
We all work hard.  Alejandre works the hardest because he is new and is trying to find the rhythm of the mission

What do you do for p-day?
Today we went to watch a movie, “The Best Two Years” with the zone and then did a gift exchange.  I got homemade cookies and a change pouch. When we go back to the house we will play soccer.

Most important...What about Christmas plans?
I think that I will call at about 10:30 am.  We are supposed to have an hour

We will be using skype.  We have to call from the church because no one close by has skype.  The exchange was all little stuff. The others don't have packages from home, just me.

Then there was the wait on Thursday. Ten Thirty came and went with us realizing that the church computers never have a camera. I thought my call would not come.  Finally about 3 o'clock, Amber noticed I had a contact request from someone named Romero!  Then a quick "hurry up Mom, it's me!" 
He told us that the 4 missionaries had all chipped in and bought a camera and they were able to use the computer at the church. I know four Moms were thrilled with the purchase!

We got to talk on Skype for an hour. Andrew looked great and sounded even better. He is happy and well. We "met" his companions with a wave and a nod; they don't speak English. It was funny because he slipped into speaking Spanish several times by accident. It is good to see that he has gotten strong enough in language that he can communicate easily and confidently. 

His area is huge and the bus is expensive and more for long distance. He walks just about everywhere he goes. His feet are taking a beating. And he has lost weight. They are requesting bikes, but it has to be approved. 

That is it for talking to him until Mother's Day, but he will email Monday. :-)

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