Thursday, December 18, 2014

week 23


Last Monday was Mother's Day in Panama. The cafes were mostly closed. We did not get a chance to go Tuesday to email. Wednesday was transfers.

Questions from the first week:

Tell me about Zone conference. 

Well, we went to the orphanage and did a nativity scene and sang songs with them.  Elder Barker was Santa, and Elder Dastrop was the elf and we gave them presents and hung out with them.  It was cool. Then we went back to the church and had our meeting and sang carols.

How are you doing with the people in Aaraijan? How is R. doing? Do you know your whole area now, or do you need a map?
The people in Arraijan were good.  I think that he is good.  He comes to church every week. I did know my whole area.  

What is new and exciting?
I got transferred.

so, more questions...
Tell me about your new place.
 I`m in a new area close to Penonome.  I am in the interior. It is about 4 hours from the city. It is a branch so the area is huge.  It is Chitre. It is hotter and dryer here, away from the coast. Elder Romero is my new companion.  He is from Argentina and speaks no English.  He will be finishing his mission and going home in February. My comp is District Leader.  And Elder Lopez is also a DL.  We all live together, but are in different districts.  Transfers happened by my old Zone Leader calling and saying that I was leaving.  I went and packed in 30 minutes, then a local member drove me to Albrook bus terminal.  I bought a ticket and sat on a bus for four hours.  I finally got to Aguadulce.  I went to the house and fell asleep because it was 11 at night. I forgot my machetes.  :(  I will get them in January.  We will use them here, there is just not as much opportunity to use them here.  We paint here.  The transfer wasn't too hard. The suitcases were just really heavy.  It was long and I couldn`t read or anything.  The bus actually was nice like the ones we took to NYC. I will send pictures next week.

Who are the others in your house?
Elder Romero is from Argentina, Elder Lopez is from Guatemala.  Elder Alejandre, nuevo, is from Mexico. Lopez and Romero will leave in February. We have a really big house now, with a washing machine! I like my companion.  He is helping me with my Spanish, because I am the only one of 4 in my house that speaks English.  I am taller than all my housemates.  

Tell me about your ward.
It is a Branch. (a small congregation, less than a ward) The branch is Aguadulce in the Chitre district. The branch has about 60 people in it.  The building is small, and it is a house. If they can say Broadhead, then they call me Elder Broadhead.  But most of the time, it is Elder Bro.

Have you been teaching anyone new?
Yep.  I have 5 investigators that I met Thursday through Sunday.

And we will get to Skype at Christmas, depending on internet access at some church member's home.

Elders Andrews & Broadhead

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