Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 21

Thanksgiving, sort of

I had my first baptism here. It went well.  There were 10 people getting baptized that day.  I baptized our friend, R.  I had to dunk him twice because the water was low and I forgot to tell him to keep his knees down the first time.  (Our church does baptism by immersion and you have to go all the way under.) We did have a regular baptismal font, but the water was really low this time. It is just that the font was not stopped up.  It was full to start, but was slowly draining. It only came up to about my knees and it was cold.

Tell me about zone conference pictures on the mission blog.
That wasn´t Zone Conference.  That was a training about baptisms.  We saw all my MTC friends and we talked and had a good time. It is good to talk to someone fluent in English. I have on a white tie because Gonzales wanted all the elders of my district to wear baptism ties because it was training about baptisms.

This week,  we will have ZC on Saturday. There will probably be pictures on the mission blog.

Did you do anything special for Thanksgiving? 
We didn´t do anything special for Thanksgiving except go somewhere for lunch.  The closest I could get to fried turkey was fried chicken...

Did you learn anything new this week?
I learned that I am still really bad at football.  We had a turkey bowl today and it was fun, but I am terrible.

Tell me about the animals.
The spiders are enormous here.  I hate them.  Not any really bad run ins, but  I am not over my fear by any means.  I still can´t stand spiders. There are also lots of dogs. They just try to chase us sometimes.  I use my umbrella to hit them if I need to.  I do not have pets.

The rainy season should be ending.
It is still really hot here.  The temperature hasn´t changed.

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