Friday, November 28, 2014

week 20

Working Hard

What is new and exciting this week?
Well we will have a baptism on Saturday. Our baptism is R.  He is the son of a recent convert.  I will take pictures.  It is my first baptism. I´m not sure what else is exciting...  

Have you learned anything new about Panama or any of the people?
The people here like to eat even when there isn´t much.  Also, They all think that Adelyn is the cutest little girl in the world.  It is really funny sometimes. I have shown them the pictures that Amber has sent. Maybe they like the blonde hair.
Do you think and/or dream in Spanish yet?
I think in Spanish sometimes, like when I plan what I should write.  I try to count in alternating to keep my English going.  It´s one, dos, three... I hope that my Spanish is moving fast enough that I can learn Cuna. Cuna is the language they speak on the islands. I do speak more quickly now.  Not as fast as Panamanians, but faster. 

Tell me about something funny that has happened.
Well on Sunday, we were in Sacrament meeting and the first counselor in the bishopric is at the pulpit.  He said ¨This Sunday we will have the privilege of hearing about missionary work¨ The first speaker was Hermana Contreres (2 weeks in Panama) and the 2nd was Elder Gonzales.  So It was a very quick talk to come up with.  They both had to give 15 minute talks.

Tell me what service you did this week. 
Well this week, we didn´t get to use the machetes.  This one sister has a creek in her back yard for run off water.  The hole at the end of the creek was clogged so I had to wade into knee high water with a shovel and a rake to clear it out.  It wasn´t very fun.

Have you done any sightseeing? What is there to see around your "huge" area?
We have not been sight seeing.  We have 2 malls within an hour.  Apart from that I don´t know what is around here.

Are the grocery stores like here or like convenience marts? 
So if you go to a place called Rey, Fuerte, Pricemart, or Xtra, it is a store.  If you go anywhere else, it is called a Chino.  That is because it is usually Chinese people that own them.  They are more like gas stations without gas. Recently we have been shopping at Chinos, but everything is cheaper in Stores. As far as costs in Panama, if you are buying American stuff, it is more expensive, with other local stuff, it is cheaper.

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