Friday, November 21, 2014

week 19

A Party

Hi,  Sorry about not emailing yesterday.  We had a surprise Birthday party for Gonzales and it took all day.  We made sure to come today so that everyone can use the computers.  We don´t have much time, but we are trying. The party was a surprise for Gonzales. We mostly just ate.  Then one of the Hermanas started a cake fight.  She threw cake at Gonzales and then everyone started throwing it.  I didn´t do anything, but I kept getting hit... Our district and a Hermana that loves all of the missionaries were there. We had fun.

What has been the most exciting thing this week?
We have 2 baptisms set.  one for the 29th and the other for the 6th. Well one is a person that has had some problems that wants to change.  He is the son of a recent convert and he has come to church twice.  The other is living with a member family,  We showed him Because of Him and he wants to be baptized.

What kind of lessons have you been teaching?
The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Christ, Word of Wisdom, Tithing and Chastity. The teaching is fun now because Gonzales is a good teacher. 

Did you finally make it to the grocery store?
Not yet.  But we haven´t had to buy food yet.  We cook a little, but not much.  We have a small electric stove. Sometimes we do pick fruit off the trees nearby, but it is a lot of coconuts.  I still don´t like coconut.  We get fed twice a day, sometimes.  We don´t go hungry. There are a few banana trees, but they aren´t ripe yet.

How are you feeling? You look thin. Your hair is curly there!
I am always really tired.  I have lost some weight, but a lot was just the angle.  I need a haircut, but there isn´t time.

Tell me something interesting that you have done or seen.
I have 2 machetes now... This new one is smaller though.  It is the length of the blade of my big one. The big one is for stuff like monte.  That is kind of like pampas grass. The small one is for smaller jobs. The small one is for stuff like coconuts too.  We are very well equipped because Gonzales bought one too. I am the only Gringo in my district

This Nativity is a display in a mall here. It was strange seeing it in a mall.  I don´t think that that is allowed in the states. We were on the second story to take a picture of it.

1 minute left.  Bye I love you.  I will try to email you on Monday next week.Thanks for the support.

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