Friday, November 14, 2014

week 18

Doing Great in Arraijan

So, last week was Independence Day in Panama. What did you see or do in your area to celebrate?  
There was a parade, but I didn´t watch it.  I honestly don´t know the customs.  I just know that they have basically every other week off of school.

Rainy season ends in November. How is the weather? 
It still rains a lot here, but not as much.  It is still really hot.  I wish I had AC

What kind of service have you been doing? 
Lots of stuff with my new toy.  I bought a machete and that is really fun.  We have cut a lot of grass and a couple of trees. We plan service ahead.  It is illegal to walk around with a machete for no purpose.  We have to make plans.  I have used it 4 times. We are careful and they are all more competent with a machete than I am.

btw, you said you need sport shoes. What happened to the ones we bought before you left? 
Well... They were getting destroyed from service and sports so I bought some to only use for sports and my blue ones are my service shoes.

Sam will like these.

When you do divisions, what areas do you go to? 
Because Gonzales is new, I am mostly in my area.  Lately, I have been going with Elder Mendoza.  He is new.  He is getting trained by Polio.  

Have you gotten your mail? 
Yes.  This past week from consejos, I got lots of DearElder, 2 cards, and my Christmas packages.  I think that they are all getting here.

Have you cleaned your apartment more?  How are you eating at your apartment? 
My apartment is a lot cleaner now.  The shower is clean.  We´re not eating at home any.  We haven´t gone grocery shopping in a while.  We get more money this week. I hope we go to the grocery store.

How is it working with Elder Gonzalez? 
He is fun to work with. He told the other missionaries that I am senior companion. They thought I was training him. It was funny. He calls me his consejero.  If the meeting isn't just for District Leaders, I have to go.  He says that there are 2 of every other type of leader so I am the DL without a title. I think that it is better to work with a Latin.  The locals like him a lot. Gonzales works harder.  With an awesome comp, the work is a lot easier. 

Do you always speak Spanish or sometimes English?
Outside the house is Spanish, and at home we speak English, If I say something in English that Gonzales doesn't understand, we go back to Spanish.  He wants me to speak English in the house. He is learning English. He has an accent and is working on fixing pronunciation a little.  He helps me more than I help him because we aren't in the house much.

How long will you be in Arraijan?

I want to stay here through at least Christmas.  Then I will probably leave for a new area.  That will give me 6 months here.  I want to stay her especially since Christmas is on Thursday.  We eat at the Angulos on Thursdays and we love them!

(I sent some fall pictures in email)
Please keep sending the pictures.  Here it is all green. The trees are just green. Just send pictures. Any pictures.

This is my hat.  You can take the missionary out of Georgia, but not Georgia out of the missionary.

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