Thursday, October 30, 2014

week 16

Still in Arraijan

My week this week was good.  It was just a little strange because we got invaded again, but this time by the Zone Leaders.  They do surprise visits all the time just to see how we are doing, etc. Don't worry, they didn't eat our food like the assistants did.  We have dropped a couple investigators and we will probably end up having to drop more in a week or two.  We will see. It is hard for them, and for us.

Transfers are this week, will that have any affect on you or your comp this week? How long will this next transfer be?
We will get a call at 8 tonight to find out about changes.  This next change will be the regular 6 weeks long. Elder Bartleson has been here three changes and thinks he will probably get moved.

This is, I guess, a family portrait.  On a mission, your "Dad" is your trainer and your "Mom" is the sister in your zone with the most time.  This is Elder Bartleson, me, and Hermana Moreno.  Yes, she is very short.

Have you met any interesting new people?
We haven't really met anyone new.  It is hard to find new people here sometimes, just the same ones. 

Tell me about your area. What kind of plants, trees, etc. Is it all hills like the one I saw? or flat, too?
There is lots of that kind of grass that grows really tall.  I'm not sure what it is called.  It is like the one we have in the back yard that dad cuts with a chainsaw. (He means pampas grass) There are lots of palm trees.  Some of the roads are better.  A lot are like Austin's driveway. (gravel) There are lots of big hills, and a few smaller ones like the ones near our house.  There aren't any flat areas here, but there is a zone in the mission that someone said is like Wyoming.

How is your Spanish?
It is getting better.  I can usually communicate my thoughts now.  I just take a little bit longer to talk.  I understand pretty much everything people say to me as long as it isn't on the phone.Description:

Have you adjusted to the heat?
Pretty much adjusted.  But it is still hot, and rainy.

This is my district the day before our leader went home.  He will be going to college in January.  In mission language, he died.  Also in mission language, Elder Machado killed him.

Well,  I think I am about to go, so Bye, I love you I will talk to you next week and tell you about my new comp that I am probably going to have.  It should be interesting.

Elder Broadhead

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