Thursday, October 23, 2014

week 15

In Arraijan

What is the name of your ward? and what is your building like? How many wards in your building? and how many people in your ward?
 Our ward is Caceres.  We meet in the stake center.  It is big and has some air conditioning.  There are just 2 wards that meet here.  We have about 100 people that come every week and we have about 200 or more people on the records that don't come much.

Are most of the people long time members? Are they mostly from Panama or move-ins? Are they converts or do they mostly grow up in the church?
Some converted when they were teens.  A lot are from Panama and a lot aren't.  If they are converts, they usually served missions, but some are more recent.  

What do you do at church? Are there lots of kids?
Sacrament meeting, Sunday School class: Gospel Principles, eat lunch, and go to Elders quorum.  There are a few kids, but not a lot.

now the regular questions...
Have you done anything new or interesting this week?
Not really.  Mostly the same stuff. We did have basically a Zone Nerf war for P day this morning. We all have Nerf guns now.  The Zone Leaders went to the store and bought them and we then we paid the ZLs back for them.

Have you met anyone interesting?
Not really.  We usually go to the same places a lot.

Any strange food?
Not anymore.  I'm kind of used to it.

How are you doing ?
I'm doing good.  I just don't have long today.  Sometimes mission life is hectic. When it rains, it really isn't fun to be outside. 

How much longer is the rainy season?
I'm not sure, but the rain hasn't started slowing down yet   We take rain gear if it is raining when we leave if not... not so much.

Have you gotten any more mail?

No, but I should get it tomorrow.  Elder Teichert said I got most of the mail this past pickup

I guess it is time to go.  Bye.  Talk to you next week. Tell everyone hello!

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