Friday, October 10, 2014

In Panama

Did you watch conference? in English or Spanish? If so, What was your favorite talk or at least something you remembered. I loved the mtc choir from Priesthood Session. And Carlos Godoy that spoke in Portuguese in the last session. He spoke about decisions and patriarchal blessings. Also Elder Bednar talked about why we share the gospel.

Yes we watched General Conference.  And President Carmack has a rule that you have to watch conference in your native language.  I liked Bednar's talk.  As missionaries we liked Jorg Klebingat from the second session.  We also wanted the leaders of our ward to watch the one in Cantonese.

Did you get your hair cut? and groceries? any interesting stories to tell?

Yes I got my hair cut.  It is nice and short again.  We did go get groceries so we are happier now.  We don't really have interesting stories this week other than I got a card from you, one from Rachel’s kids, and 5 pages of DearElder this week!

I have watched your movie so many times...Did you not like the food or were you uncomfortable on camera? You hardly ate and made a funny face. 

The food was good but a little dry.  I made a face because it was hard to swallow because I didn’t have anything else to drink.  I was also pretty much done by the time they pulled out the camera.  

You said there will be short changes this time. When will it be and how does that affect the next one? 

The short change happens every year.  President Carmack doesn't like switching people at Christmas.  The next transfer will be 8 weeks long instead of 4 weeks.

Have you been shopping any? Are there open air markets or just stores? Do you barter or just pay?

We only have stores in our area.  You just pay.  There are some areas where you barter.

How are your teaching appointments going? any golden contacts?

Ok, The problem is that people aren't there when we have an appointment scheduled.  We have one named M. He is ready to be baptized.

Have you taught any Family Home Evenings?

No.  Nobody has wanted us to come teach.

This is my zone from the last change

This is Elder Bitter and Elder Nysetvold.  Bitter left to become a ZL and Nysetvold is leaving to finish Elder Hoeft's training.  I think he is also a DL

You are so much taller than most of them, are you the tallest? Do they ever mention it?

When we went to the temple, they wanted a picture of everyone who went.  I had to kneel because all the men kneeled.  I was almost the same height as one of the hermanas
They don’t say much about my height, it is mostly.  Your name is hard...  We have letters and letter combinations that they don't say. They call me Elder Bra-de-odd.

It doesn't matter what they call you.  Just relate to the native people and make them love you and serve them. That is what will count.

Talk to you next week
Love you,

Elder Broadhead

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