Friday, October 3, 2014

First Change in Panama

Transfers are this week. Any changes? I don't expect you or your comp to change, but any others?

So Bartleson and I don't have changes.  I don't know of anymore except that my DL and one of the Hermanas is going home at the end of this change.  It is a short change because President Carmack doesn't like changing people during Christmas.

Did you get your haircut? and are you feeling well?

No haircut. We ran out of money. We will get more tomorrow.  Yep. I feel better except for the lack of food, because we had invasions and the Assistants ate most of our food. But we do eat well at lunch. But being sick was just hard.  I'm ready for a break.

Do you have a favorite member family? Do you eat anywhere regularly? Have you had anything crazy to eat?

I like the familia A.  They are the ones with the limo driver.  They love us and they cook really American food.  They also spent 15 minutes one appointment talking about cheese. :)
We have set lunch appointments everyday. Our one dinner appointment got tired, so no more dinner. 
Yes, but it was a joke.  Hermano F. gave me a Chicken foot.  (Really he wanted to eat it though.)  When he went back to the kitchen I asked Bartleson how to eat it.  When Bartleson started laughing F. knew that he had gotten his reaction. I didn't have to eat the foot. He just wanted to mess with me. He just wanted a reaction
We go to a Chinese restaurant on mondays if we have extra money, but it is a bit expensive.  It is $6.25 per plate.

How was the talent show? Did you have to sing?

The talent show was good.  It was just long.  I didn't sing.  I might do it next time.  Apparently they do one every few months.

Have you gotten any mail yet?

I got 2 more.  It is the ones you sent the end of August.   I don't know why it takes so long to get mail.

And tell me the most interesting thing from this week. 

Well, I'll go funny this time.  We were eating with familia A. and their daughters came home from school.  The mom looked at the first one and said "Did you behave?" The daughter responded "more or less..." Then a short explanation of what she had done.  Then looking at the other daughter, the mom said "And you?"  The other daughter said "Better than her!"
Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you something interesting.  It is a common sight to see two police officers on a motorcycle... One driving and the other sitting on the back holding an assault rifle. I just think it is weird.  They are just there.  They don't have to do anything. 

 Has your language gotten faster?

No, but my leaders think that my language is awesome for having one change.  Peterson says my only problem is that I talk slow.

(Click on this link for a clip of missionaries in Panama.)

This is what the Assistants do during invasions if you are interested.
It is us, the elders in another area and the Hermanas in our ward.
The hill that we look at is really big and hard to climb.  That is where my lunch is tomorrow

Are you getting used to the heat?  I know it will always be hot, but is it less bad than when you got there?

It's getting better. Everything is still green here.  It's weird.

Any big plans this week?  

Yep.  We get money tomorrow so tomorrow I get a haircut..  Working a lot everyday.  General Conference  Yep.  We still walk everywhere.  My area is Caceres, Arraijan, Panama.  I live in Tres Marias de Cerro Silvestre
Oh btw I found out that my black shoes will last my mission.  Elder Hinckley has the boot version and his are still good.  He goes home the beginning of December
We email at an Internet place in Vista Alegre.

Bye talk to you next week

Elder Broadhead

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