Friday, October 17, 2014

Another Week in Arraijan

Now that you have been there awhile, tell me about the people. What kind of stuff do they do for work or fun. What are the families like? What are their homes like? etc.....

The people are really nice.  Their houses are a lot like mine, but usually bigger.  They also usually have a big tv.  They love tv here because it makes them feel rich.  They do a lot of manual work here.  Hermano A. is a office worker I think and Hermano F. is a security guy.  I don't know much about anyone else.  There are some huge families and others that only have one or two kids.

What is your area like? There are lots of hills, do the houses line up along a straight road like here.
Most of the houses are like mine, but bigger.  They are usually up and down hills off the road.  There are a few American-like subdivisions, but not in my area.

Where you are, do most people, other than missionaries, have cars and drive? or do a lot of people walk everywhere? 
There are lots of cars here.  Mostly older models.  There are lots of people that take the bus like we do.  The people that drive have jobs in the city or are taxi drivers.

Are you in a city? What place here would you compare it to?
Technically we are in a city.  Probably most like Newnan.  It isn't that big.

You haven't talked much about appointments and going to peoples homes. Do you make contact with people? do you teach any? Do you talk with people at church? do you just wander around all day? 
We go to a lot of appointments.  We usually contact on the buses and hope that we get a call to go teach.  Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.  We talk to everyone at church and sometimes, we do have to just wander around in an area.

What ever happened about the one that wanted to get baptized, 
We are still working on teaching him.  We are also teaching his brother now.

How about the kid that plans on going on a mission someday?
He was a little off and on for a while, but he has started coming back again.

How are your finances? Are you hungry?
We try to only live on the money that they give us.  I am still doing ok.  We suffer together.  But we are ok right now. 
My Spanish is still improving. I can understand all Gringos and the Latins that I am around a lot.

This is the mission logo.  Preparad el Camino del SeƱor.  That is Prepare ye the way of the Lord.  That is a mola style temple

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