Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 9

What is your neighborhood like?  

We live in a place called Tres Marias by Cerro Silvestre.  There are groups of houses, but they are usually far apart.  I live about 45 minutes from Panamá.   The drivers here are bad, but I haven´t come close to getting hit. Mostly we walk everywhere, but we do take the Diablos Rojos some.  That is what they call buses here because they used to run people over and run cars off the road.  But no one has tried to hit me yet.

You said you get lots of meals. What do the people feed you?  

It is a lot of Chicken and rice.  Sometimes noodles.  Lots of fried plantanos.  And always chicha.  That is what juice is called here.

Do you have any funny stories or experiences to share?  

Well.  We were supposed to go teach a Family Home Evening, and Elder B’s old companion said that there was an entrance to Tres Marias from Bique.  We walked 4 miles looking for the entrance before someone told us that it didn´t exist.  So, we walked 8 extra miles yesterday.

My shoes and feet are fine. My feet are just getting tired.  No, I don´t wear sunscreen, but I also don´t get sunburned.
Have you been teaching any more lessons?  How did they go and do you have any repeat appointments? Do you knock on doors?

Yes. We teach Sunday School every other week.  It is good.  We teach this one woman every Tuesday and Friday.  Her name is J.  We have been teaching about the Book of Mormon.  We don´t knock on doors.  If we want to talk to someone at their house, we have to stand at the road and yell "Buenas."

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