Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 11-

Zone Conference

Last week you were researching Family History. How did your NdH lesson go? Did you help teach? How is the family doing?

So funny story about that...  We went to the NdH and the mom and some of the others weren't home.  So we just talked with the dad and two of the sons.  Then we heard a bang and the dad came running back in and said "Choke"  In Spanish that means wreck.  So we ran down to the street.  There was a destroyed car because the guy had hydroplaned.  Elder Bartleson and I stood at the front of the crowd basically saying "Missionaries... WE CAN HELP!!!"  We just asked every minute or so if they needed help.  The guy broke his back for sure. He was facing the sky and his toes were facing the ground. The ambulance came.  I'm assuming he was alive because he was talking to the people trying to help him. We don't know how he is doing.  But the family were are teaching is doing fine.

Did you have the baptism on Saturday? 

We didn't because we didn't get to set up an appointment for a baptism interview because we got rained out of our appointment.  It flooded that day.

You told me about the rain last week.  How are your shoes holding up in the rain? Do you ever get dry? I check your weather everyday and it certainly does rain a lot.

My shoes are fine.  The black ones really are waterproof.  Now if only my socks, pants, and shirts were too. :P

How was Zone Conference? What do you do? I think I saw a lot of your old MTC district. Did you get to meet lots of people?

Zone Conference was good.  Just long. We learned about endurance.  Our mission will be hard, but we can do it. We went to the temple with our ward afterward.  At the conference, we had a lot of talks by Pres and Sis Carmack and the Assistants.  Yes I got to meet people.  I took a picture with one person. In Spanish his name is Elder Pajaro.  


Elder Broadhead and Elder Bird
Elder Bird's sister was serving here in Newnan when Andrew received his call to Panama.
So during zone conference we had to practice teaching and we divided up according to companionships.  I am probably in the back with Elders Peterson and Machado. My Spanish is okay. Elder Peterson, my district leader, said the only thing wrong with my Spanish is that it is slow. My ring is from the MTC.  It is a CTR (Choose the Right) ring.  It has CTR written in 6 languages.  I know it has English, Spanish and I think Japanese.
I know my hair is long.  We were running late so I couldn't get a haircut.  Hopefully this week.  

Zone conference-Andrew is at the top near the center, laughing behind his hand.
Dinner with Elder Bartleson and a few friends

Tell me about something new you have seen.

I haven't really seen anything new this week.  There are lots of wild dogs.  We eat a lot of rice.  I didn't see anything cool this week.

Tell me about something interesting or funny.

We got a new lunch appointment this week.  They moved here from South America.  The husband was a limo driver at a rental company.  He used to drive for some well-known people apparently.  I thought that was interesting

Here are some pictures of our house.  Yes I know it is dirty.  We were both sick this week. I just felt dizzy and almost fainted going to ZC. I have felt a little off since then.  The hard part is that my brain is fuzzy and I can't understand Spanish well.
Home Sweet Home

Our Kitchen and Office

That is all until next week.

Elder Broadhead

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