Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sorry I was so slow getting this up this week.  My computer died and I had to work extra hard to get my emails put together.

Week 10:

In Arrijan

I am emailing early this week because we are getting ready to go teach.  Elder Bartleson wants to teach some lessons using the Spirit of Elijah and connecting to our Family History.  
This week I have Conferencia de Zona en Miércoles.  Maybe I will get my mail. I only get mail after consejos (council meetings) and maybe at Conferencia de Zona. (Zone conference is when the whole area of missionaries get together for planning and training, etc.)

What have you done interesting this week? Have you had an interesting contact? Or been somewhere new? Or learned anything?

I went on Divisions with the Zone Leader this week.  I went to their area.  It has bigger hills than ours.  That is because their area is between two mountains.  I learned that other missionaries can understand my Spanish, but locals can't. Sometimes locals pretend they can't so they don't have to listen to you.

Tell me about the weather.  I know it is really hot, but does it rain all day, or off and on? And how heavy is it?  And how do you deal with it all?  

When it rains it pours.  We have almost gotten flooded a couple of times.  If we are at the house when it starts, we are encouraged to just stay there.  It will rain hard for 3 or 4 hours then turn into a light drizzle.  Rain here is more like a storm back home.  If we are out in light rain, we keep going.  If we are out in heavy rain, we are supposed to get to a member's house or our house because it is really easy to get sick here.

Have you run into any spiders yet?  I hear they are pretty numerous down there.  

Yes.  We had a spider that was enormous.  And others that were really big.  We mostly got rid of the cockroaches.  It's mostly those and big flies.  When they land on you, you can feel the weight of them on your arm.  

Who do you teach and what do you teach?

We teach pretty much everyone.  We try to teach new contacts, but the members don't always trust us.  We have a 16 page list of members that don't attend that they want us to visit.  We do visit some recent converts and old members too.  We are actually teaching a Family Home Evening (In Spanish, it is Noche de Hogar.  That's Night of Home)  about Tonight we will be talking to a unmarried couple (because the first husband won't sign divorce papers) and 5 or 6 children ages 18 to 9.  The 15 year old son is really awesome.  Elder Bartleson put his name tag on the kid. I can see him being a missionary. 

Time to go, talk to you next week.

Elder Broadhead

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