Wednesday, September 3, 2014


First and most important- How are you doing and feeling?  

I am doing okay.  I am just really tired.  It has been really tough at times.  It is hard not being great with the language.  Some people deliberately try to talk fast to make it hard. Elder B speaks in Spanish, but changes to English when I don’t understand.  It is getting better. We get an hour of language study every day.

What is the biggest thing that has happened this week?

I helped teach in Sunday School and I am being more useful in helping teach lessons rather than sitting there trying to understand.

Did you find the name of your city?  Tell me more about the area and people.

Arraijan is the city.  It is west of Panama City.    There are lots of hills, lots of rain, and lots of less actives.
The Westland Mall is nearby.  The people here are really nice most of the time.  About a week ago they gave us a list of less actives for us to visit because they don´t Visit Teach or Home Teach.  Apart from that, they are great.  They give us plenty to eat, and I haven´t died from the food yet so I am good.  J  I also had to help give someone a blessing this week.  It´s way harder in Spanish.

Tell me more about your living arrangements.

We have our own bathroom.  Ours is about the size of the powder room at home.  We have an electric stove, but Elder B and I mostly do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
We spent three hours one day just getting rid of the cockroaches.  Next p day is cleaning the back half of the apartment.  We have cleaned the front and kitchen.  Now, we will clean the bedroom and bathroom.

Bye. I love you talk to you next week.

Elder Broadhead

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