Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 5 at the MTC/CCM


It has been another long week, but we are almost out of here.  Yes, I got my travel plans last Friday.  I have to be at our travel office at 4:35 in the morning on Tuesday, Aug 19.  We go to SLC and fly to ATL for a 2 hour layover.  Then we go down to Panama.  There are 14 of us going to Panama in our group.  That is all I can remember about it because I forgot the plans in my room.

To answer mom's questions:  (I tried sending a list of questions on Tuesday so he could think about answers and maybe give me a bit more information than he had been.  :)

The most important lesson I have learned here is to follow the Spirit.  That has helped a lot in our lessons with Silvia, David, and Juana.  Those are our three investigators played by our teachers.

The best part of the CCM is the class every evening with Hermano Davis.  He teaches us mostly about the doctrine and how to listen to the Spirit.  We sometimes read the LdM with him for an hour or so.  Last night we read 18 verses in 2 hours.  I know how to follow the Spirit better.  

Oh, I do have proof that Hmo Davis is one of the Three Nephites.’s his scriptures.  They are so worn and marked up.  He says he did it in 5 years... there is no way.  Also he has a geezer NT and geezer triple combination that are spiral bound.  He went to NY once, but it was a long time ago.  He has never gotten sick.  He has over 1000 tabs in The BoM alone

I have been trying to grow and lead by trying to keep my district on time but it is hard.  They aren't used to dealing with Mr. Armstrong. (Ten minutes early is on time and on time is late.)

My strongest aspect as a missionary is that I can understand everything that our investigators say.

I got two packages, they were awesome!  

Elder Broadhead

Sorry no pictures, He left his camera cord and the computer wasn't reading his card.  I plan for great pictures from Panama soon!

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