Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week 4-MTC

It was another long week.  But I am doing great!  Due to circumstances outside of my control, I was not able to write down what I wanted to remember to say.  One elder has to go home.  We had a little farewell party for him.  My comp and I are doing well.  I loved the card from the carwash.  It was great.  

Just ask me questions and I will answer them as best as I can

What is your apartment/room like?

There are 3 rooms.  We all share the same bathroom.  One elder always turns the thermostat to 60 so it's cold.  We're all getting along great. 
Our Schedule:

6:30 get up
715 breakfast
8-1140 Study time
1140-1230 lunch
1230-120 gym
150-450 Spanish class
450-540 Dinner
540-840 Spiritual class
840-915 planning
930-1015 prep time
1015-1030 quiet time
1030 Bed

I get up at 6:15 every day.  I get up just so there aren't 6 people trying to take showers at 6:30

How is your Spanish? Do you know anything about going to Panama yet? Do you know flights or anything?  
Spanish is good.  I'm getting better at it.  We get our travel plans tomorrow.

That’s exciting!  I heard that there is a chance that you will come through Atlanta.  I wouldn’t be able to go see you.
I know.  But I see home every time I open my wallet.  I bought a new temple recommend holder that has the Atlanta Temple on it.

Have you had any General Authority speakers?
Not Apostles.  We have had a couple of Emeritus GAs.  
The MTC is good, just stressful.  We do get to go to the temple every P day.

What was the best thing this week?
We got Hermano Davis back.  He is an awesome teacher.  We really think that he is one of the Three Nephites.

The first Broadhead in Spanish

When you go to Panama you won’t be getting mail so often. Just remember it is the mail service.
I love getting letters.  It's fun to have something at mail time.
I will remember it

 We love you and are proud of you,
I love you too.  I miss everyone there.  I don't want to skip my mission, but I can't wait to see them.

Bye love you.  Talk to you next week

 Elder Andrew Broadhead
Misión Panama
AP 0834-02798Panamá

Repucblica de Panamá

This is my new mailing address in Panama.

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