Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 3 at the MTC


It has been another long week.  We have three investigators that we are teaching.  One is our teacher, the other is our sub while our other teacher is on vacation, and I think the last one is an actual investigator.  So it is cool.

The six of us going to Panama are Elders Dastrup, Barker, Meine, David, Gibby, and me.  I can teach the lessons in broken Spanish.  I can pray and testify in Spanish and on Sunday, I gave a talk in Spanish.  Because we aren't all going to Panama and neither of our teachers went to Panama, we only learn Spanish.  We don't learn about the culture at all.  

I've only been to the temple once here because last Thursday was Pioneer Day and they were closed.  I did a session the one time I went.  

Q and A time.

I got the pictures last week.  Did you buy a card reader or figure something else out?

Yes I got my camera to work.  It just depends on the computer.  No, I do not need a new camera.  I like this one.  Yes, Dropbox is blocked and yes, I will need a refresher on how to use it.  

What did you have to speak about?  How long?  And how did you do?  Were you concluding speaker?  I guess you and dad got to speak the same day anyway!

I gave a talk on recognizing the spirit.  I was the second speaker.  Missionaries speak for 3-5 minutes and branch presidency members and wives speak for the rest of the time.  There are always two missionary speaker.  I mostly read it.

What kind of letters, etc. do you want to get?  I don’t want to make you homesick.

Just write letters.  I've done ok with stuff about home and I like to hear about stuff I care about.  Not just talks from General Authorities.  I hear a lot of those now.   If you want to send food, it won't get wasted.  If we don't eat it we donate to the Zone stockpile that the oldest district has.  When that district leaves, it is given to the new oldest.  
What do you do in your free time?

About fitness time... for the first few days we went to the gym, but my comp has been tired, so we stay at the apartment and I do what I can to work out.   We went to the gym yesterday to watch D. dunk on someone.  It was funny, but he got thrown out of the gym because you aren't allowed to touch the rim, net, or backboard.  
Apart from that we do the same things every day.  It's not particularly interesting, but oh well.
We don't really have free time.  If we do we sleep, plan lessons or joke around.

Can you go walk the track or something?  You need to get out in the heat and get used to it.  :)
Have you met the other elders?  They are at Provo West MTC.

We are out in the sun wearing long pants most of the time.  We don't have a track.  We have met some of the other elders.  We met the three Hermanas going to Panama.  I don't know their names.  They are not in our zoneThey are nice.  The Spanish MTC is the West Campus.  We are all here.
Is Provo West the old married housing?  Lindsay and Cameron lived there when we went to their house for Christmas when Amber and Nathan were on their missions.  

Yep.  It's Wyview.  The classrooms are at Raintree.

What lessons have you been learning?  I have been studying the one about sharing
We learned the one from Elder Holland about teaching people not lessons.  We walk into our lessons with very little planned.  They aren't great, but Elder D. and I are hard on ourselves

Have you adjusted to the food?  You need to get used to rice.  Sis McCally had a picture of all kind of treats and stuff she brought home from Panama so they must have some good stuff you can get there not here.

Kind of.  I don't feel as bad.  They don't have rice often.  We have two options for food here.  The Main Campus has more.

Do you have everything you need?  Did you prepare enough?  Is there something I could do now before you leave for Panama?

It would be great if you could send me a light rain coat and umbrella before I leave,  just something to keep the rain off of meIt's rained a couple of times here.  We walked to a devotional in the rain.  I got the package.  The mints are saving my life.  They help my stomach feel better.  They help settle it.  I haven't used the pepto pills yet because I will probably need those more in Panama.

You will be ready to speak in the Spanish Branch when you get back. Do you enjoy speaking Spanish?  I was waiting in the hall last Sunday and a group of women from the branch sat down and started talking.  It is very strange to me that you will be with people that are saying important things and I would not be able to understand them and you will, and you can add important info to what they are saying!  

It's weird because we have a bunch of words that all go into one of their words.  It's hard to get used to

Do you do total immersion or do you speak English to your comps when not in class?

We are supposed to Hable Su Idioma.  It is kind of hard to do so outside of class is mostly English.  HSI is Speak Your Language btw

I think I remember that Nathan had a time that they HAD to do only HSI.  I guess that is what you missed by not going to MexicoYou are really good at learning language, so I am sure you are doing better than you realize and will do great once you get there.

I guess. HSI is different in French probably.  It's SYL in English, and HSI en Español.  haha

Are you getting along with all the missionaries in your district?  Are you getting used to them?  
Yes.  We all get along except when one turns the thermostat to 60 at night.  They gave us an airplane blanket.  We just have to sneak the temp up when he isn't looking. Elder M. and I have a lot of fun together.
The Elder that picks up the mail in Panama said they have a new rule of no food in the mail.
They will confiscate it.  So, no beef jerky  :(

Next Sunday is fast Sunday, do you have anything you want us to fast for, for you?  Anything you need special help with?  

We´re not supposed to ask people at home to fast.  It´s in the handbook.

You aren't asking.  I am asking what you need.  If you don't know of anything, I will just fast for you learning Spanish.

Be positive and upbeat. I want to tell you I am so proud of you.  I miss you, but I am not sad you are there.  I couldn't be happier about who and what you are. You are in our prayers always and we know how amazing you are.  You will be a real asset to the work in Panama.  You will touch many people and be a great influence.
I love you!

Thanks.  I miss everyone at home.  I can't wait to get out in the field.  Love you and talk to you next week

I saw Zach at the devotional on Sunday.  I will send a picture.

E. Broadhead

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