Friday, August 22, 2014


He made it to Panama!  We got to talk to Andrew from the airport while he waited for his flight.  And a extra treat we got was that our friend (Thanks Ruel!) that works at the airport was able to drop in at the terminal while he was there and take a couple of photos.  

Elder Broadhead at the gate

Some of the elders calling home

Then we got an email from the Mission President and his wife. (in red)

"We welcomed 14 new missionaries to the Panama Panama City Mission from the Provo MTC -- 10 elders and 4 hermanas! They received training and are heading out to their areas later today."   We will have to wait until P-Day to find out where he was assigned and who is companion is.  

If you wish to send letters or packages, the mailing address for the mission is :

Elder Andrew Broadhead
Mision Panama (very important to have Mision Panama in the address)
AP 0834-02987
Republica de Panama

"There is no delivery of mail in Panama because there is not really an address system. Mail has to be picked up at the post office. The office elders pick up the mail and it is distributed to zone leaders, district leaders or the missionaries themselves as soon as possible. It is typical for it to take 3-6 weeks for your missionary to receive mail. Also, please make sure that Mision Panama appears in the address. This will help mail get through easier. PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to include food or medications (including vitamins) in packages to Panama. Almost any food they desire can be found here in Panama, so consider just giving them extra money in their account to purchase food here.  Please do not send cash to your missionary through the mail." 

New Elders and Hermanas

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