Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Week in Panama!

I waited by my computer most of the day, waiting for that important email letting us know he made it to his new home.  Finally, I heard from him, but not much.  He only answered a few questions then he was gone until next week. Sorry, this is all I have this week...

How was your trip? Especially getting to Panama.

It was good.  Just really long.  I got to sit next to Elder B. and I got a window seat.  The flight attendents helped us with the immigrations and customs forms.  In Panama, we went through the airport and waited for everyone to get through.  Immigrations was a hassle because none of us knew the mission homes address.  Then we went to the hotels in Panama City and went to bed.  We got up the next morning and met our trainers.

What did you think of the Mission President and his wife?

They´re really nice, they are just very business like.  We weren't there very long.

Tell me about your home. Where do you sleep? Where is it?

I sleep in a small shack basically.  There are 3 apartments in our house area. It is a small apartment in a shack.  I think our living room at home is bigger.  We only have cold water so showers feel great at night.  My mattress is a spring mattress that creaks every time I move.  

Two "closets"...The clothes line in the picture and another one over the beds.  :)

 It is a city that I don´t know what it is called. Our area is Caceres 3. The city has a weird name, that I can't remember right now.  It is very green and it rains a lot.  We have to walk everywhere and our area is mostly hills.  
Who is your companion? tell me about him.

My companion is Elder B.  He´s really strange and funny.  He likes to dance and play Pokemon.  He is from Utah, so he speaks English!

What is your first impression of Panama? (besides boy, it's hot!)

It is REALLY hot and humid here.  It´s very green.  The traffic here is worse than Atlanta.  We ride buses everywhere.  I live off of 220 dollars a month.  The food is good.  They just give me too much of it.  I had two enormous meals within an hour of each other.  My first cita was actually for lunch.

Have you taught any lessons yet? How is the Spanish? :)

We had 3 citas the first day I was here.  We have taught a lot since then.  The Spanish is hard.  Everyone here talks so fast that I can´t understand them at all.

And how was church? Where did you meet? Ward or Branch? How many? etc.

Church was good.  We have a large capilla.  Here a capilla is the word for the whole building, not just for sacrament.  We have a ward with another set of Hermanas to help.  I don´t know how many, but there is a 16 page list of people to visit.

And then he was gone.  He must have run out of time without realizing it before.  I guess I wait until next week.

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