Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 2 at the MTC

This is Mom.  I have never done a blog before, so bear with me as I learn.

Hello everyone,

I forgot to write out what I wanted to say so we'll see how this goes.

We finished our second week here.  It was long and hard.  I'm not used to working 16 hour days, especially six days a week. At least not since Band Camp!  We did something called TRC on Monday.  It was fun.  It is teaching members rather than investigators.  I did take some pictures this week so don't worry mom those will come in a few minutes.  We get little time at the  MTC to relax/sleep.  The hardest part is teaching in Spanish.  Tomorrow Elder David and I have to teach Juana Sanchez.  She is an imaginary investigator played by our teacher.  oh well.  

                                                                Me and Elder David   (His companion)

Amber and Nathan are right.  I don't need food.  I want packages, but I don't need anything so there is no real point to send packages.  I'm pretty sure I've gained 10 pounds because I feel sick all the time.  I'll get over it.  (Mom is sending a package of Tums and Pepto-Bismol)

Class is fun.  We have study time in the mornings to prepare for lessons.  Afternoon class is for Spanish.  The teacher is Hermana Ashby.  She's really nice.  Evening class is more of a devotional with our teacher.  His name is Hermano Davis.  He's awesome.  I will start sending pictures now.

Oh yeah.  Our Zone Leaders left on Monday.  Now we have Elders Harrison and Crockett as the ZL with Elder Roan, one of the Elders in my district as the music coordinator.  I feel bad for one of the greenie sisters because she is about to put in as the Sister Training Leader of the zone.


Elder Broadhead

My District
I am only the 4th tallest in my district.  This is Elder Dastrup, and he is NOT standing on his toes.

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